In 1976, Roger Marriott began a business in Sydney Australia designing and installing dust extraction systems. Over the next 6 years he found manufacturing and installing steel ducting to be costly and time consuming; so in1983 Roger introduced a 'quick-joining' steel ducting system which he called speedLOCK Ducting (TM), making ducting installation significantly more efficient and cost effective.

speedLOCK Ducting can reduce installation time by up to to 50%. The speedLOCK system comes in easy to handle lengths with a large range straight sections, pressed bends and numerous associated fittings. Every piece in the system is joined with Lock Rings to create a tight and durable joint.

In 1996 Roger began importing high quality Flexible Ducting to complement the speedLOCK range. This new range has become known as EximoFlex and is available Australia Wide in over 150 separate locations together with speedLOCK Ducting.

Eximo Flex is available in over 20 different types, in a variety of diameters and wall thickness, (light, standard and heavy) to suit specific industry applications. Eximo Flex is designed to withstand the rigors of industrial application and gives extended life with it's built in long lasting qualities. Eximo Flex pays big dividends with the durability and long lasting qualities that are built into every meter backed by over 50 years manufacturering excellence.

Now after 40 years of trading, speedLOCK Ducting & Eximo Flex operates from modern offices and spacious warehousing located in the major distribution area of Glendenning in Western Sydney, supplying the full range of speedLOCK Ducting and Eximo Flexible Ducting to Industry Australia Wide thorough a large network of Wholesalers, Retailers and Technical Partners as well as supplying direct to industry.

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