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Whether it’s state of the art antistatic ducting; ducting with superior high chemical resistance or flame retardation, ducting that offers high flexibility and excellent axial compressibility or ducting resistant to aggressive and abrasive fumes and dust, Eximo can provide the solution.

And, as we are able to source additional products from our manufacturing plants in Europe and North America, we firmly believe the Eximo range to be the most comprehensive in the Asia Pacific region.

As such, our ability to custom build to extremely exacting standards and cost efficiencies, is virtually unlimited.

To date, we have assisted clients whose applications are as varied as air seed planting machinery producers, right through to high end industrial cleaners.

What’s more, all Eximo flexible duct products clip straight into Eximo speedLock standard, heavy wall and grain duct, with hose tail fittings built into the modular duct.

And because speedLock is machined to such exacting tolerances, we can fully guarantee a perfect fit between the flex and our modular duct spigots.

As a result, you can order any Eximo speedLock product with a hose tail to make installation of a complete, fully maneuverable ducting system quick and easy.

Our quality assurance at every point of production guarantees many years of highly effective service from every Eximo speedLock system.

If you’d like more information on the way this, or any other Eximo product can make life easier for you, please don’t hesitate to ask an Eximo staff member.

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