A conventional fan driven dust extraction system can be very expensive to run. Recognising this, Eximo has developed and patented a smart alternative, which actually reduces electricity consumption in extraction systems by up to 50%.

Called OptiFlow, it achieves these savings due to a low pressure ducted channel that incorporates a chain drive and scraper blades that are drawn along the floor of the channel.

Once the air enters the OptiFlow, its speed is considerably reduced, so that heavy dust falls to the bottom of the channel to be conveyed out by the chain driven scraper blades to a rotary valve and then gravity fed into a hopper bin. This allows greater volumes of heavy dust particles to be removed from a factory, as well as any remaining fine matter, via an integrated vacuum system.

Recent testing has clearly demonstrated that the static pressure required to run a dust extraction system was halved from 424mmWG, to just 231mmWG, without compromising the performance of the system in any way.

Only the very fine dust (ca. 10% of the dust volume) is sucked out of the top of the OptiFlow to the filter system.

OptiFlow is of modular design and can be made in lengths of 10m-100m, with a suction span of 30m to each side. A 50m OptiFlow can reach a factory of 5000m² floor area.

All machines on the factory floor are connected to the OptiFlow either individually or in clusters. The dust is extracted from the wood working machines at speeds of 25-35m/s.

Value of energy savings

Based on running a system

  1. 24 hours per day
  2. 5 days per week
  3. 52 weeks per annum

And paying 0.0975c per kilowatt for electricity

Kilowatts used
Cost per Kw/H
Cost per hour
24 hour day
5 day week
52 week year
Normal modular ducting system

Interior installation of OptiFlow

Exterior of OptiFlow, showing rotary valve which dispenses heavy particulates into a hopper and the off take for the fine material, which goes to a bag house

Interior of OptiFlow showing chain driven scraper blades

Interior installation of OptiFlow

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